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Congrats on becoming a doTERRA 

I am so excited to help you get started. I know your audience will LOVE our products and I can't wait for you to start making commissions!  


For a limited time, we are offering a FREE Affiliate Starter Package so you can begin sharing right away. Below is a quick overview of some of doTERRA's most popular products. Read through the options and fill in the form below so we can customize your starter kit and the products you share with your audience. This will ensure you have the most success while launching doTERRA on your platform.

Kids Health

Products formulated with little ones in mind. From unique blends in convenient roll-ons, to specially formulated vitamins and probiotics these are products you want to have in your Mom Toolbox!

Stress & Anxiety

Effective answers to reducing tension and stress. These products are designed to help the body and mind stay balanced during life's stressful moments. These products can also address anxious feelings and help calm. 

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Toxic Free Living

Help keep your home a sanctuary by ditching the junk and switching to toxic free solutions. From dish soap to laundry pods to ensuring the air you are breathing is safe for everyone in your home.

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Fitness & Nutrition

An overall support plan for your fitness goals. Premium protein powders, fiber and weight loss support are just the beginning. Products to help reduce inflammation and provide soothing support pre and post workout and so much more.

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Beauty & Skincare

Whatever your complexion concern, doTERRA can help you address it naturally. Products containing only the best natural ingredients leaving your skin hydrated and nourished while also reducing visible signs of aging, yes please!  


Using the right essential oils to help promote a good nights rest will seriously change your life. These oils & supplements have proven calming benefits without all the unnecessary side effects prescription drugs have. 

Immune Support

A healthy immune system works like body armor, protecting us from the threats that constantly bombard us. Along with exercise and proper nutrition, getting into a daily routine with these products can help you from feeling under the weather and protect your whole family.

Gut Health

A healthy GI tract is better able to break down food and absorb critical nutrients. When your gut is healthy it supports the health of your entire body, from your immune function to your emotions. From enzymes to gut bacteria, these products can help you balance the gut naturally. 

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Please choose your TOP 3 product categories below and submit. We will then curate the perfect starter kit for you and your audience....


As an Affiliate you will have a access to our portal where you will be able to access:

  • Instructions on creating unique product links

  • Graphics and Images for promoting

  • Product education 

  • Affiliate newsletters

  • And more

Your Affiliate Portal goes live in

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