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I believe there's a reason you landed here. People are brought into our lives exactly when we need them! You know you're ready to make a change. And we are ready for you!

Start NOW to make a difference!

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Training & Mentoring

When joining our tribe, you'll also be part of our Mentorship Program that includes over $7000 worth of business tools & trainings.


This program includes...

1) Our Plug & Play System

• Daily Step-by-Step Success System - learn exactly what to do to launch & build your business.

• Workbook of PROVEN Scripts - always know exactly what to say at all times.

• Sales System - you'll be able to hit the ground running immediately with a system that has proven results.

• Personalized Business Plan - we'll help you create a business plan that works with your goals & schedule.


2) Training & Coaching

• Access to the Training Resources - video trainings, audio recording, checklists, guides, strategies, downloads and MORE!

• Team Trainings - regular zoom calls to answer all your questions, exclusive facebook groups.

• Individual Coaching - weekly coaching calls with your mentor who will guide you every step of the way.

• Connect Anytime - access to our personal cell phones & Voxer for any questions that come up.


3) Business Starter Kit

• Sampling Kit - everything you need to start sharing products with others.

• Product Training - no need to worry about knowing all the info, we've got you covered and will teach you along the way.

•Bonuses!! - we love to shower you with extra gifts! ;) 


Schedule a Strategy Call with Terese to get your questions answered and decide if this is a great fit for you and your goals

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Start Your Biz

Start your Biz Today

STEP 1: Pick your Starter Kit HERE and become a Wellness Advocate (don't forget to choose this option).

STEP 2: Schedule your first Strategy Call with Terese HERE

STEP 3: Start Your Training.

STEP 4: Launch your Business!

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