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Hello and welcome to Oil Living with Terese.

I'm Terese, wife to my best friend & biggest supporter, mom of three amazing grown(ing) kids, professional educator, natural wellness advocate, essential oil enthusiast, and lover of learning. I'm so excited you're here.

I created Oil Living as a way to share all the great knowledge I've gained over the years. As I've learned more about natural health and experienced its powerful blessings for myself, my family and others; I had to share it with you. I want other moms like me and you, to know 


about all the amazing tools and resources we can have to care for ourselves and our families.

Natural health doesn't have to be complicated, I keep things simple and easy to incorporate into daily habits with lasting impact. You too can create a happy, healthy, holistic lifestyle for your home.

Be sure to check out the BLOG and Instagram where you'll find:

• Essential oil tips

• Natural remedies

• Holistic lifestyle tips

• Easy DIYs anyone can do

• Delicious recipes

• Tips for your kids

• Emotional Wellness

• And more!

How did my natural wellness journey begin?


It began with this beautiful daughter of mine. She was 7 years old at the time, and having trouble with her urinary tract system. We spent a year and half working with doctors and specialists to help her. Nothing was working. In fact, it was causing so many other issues.

As a desperate mama, I started looking for other natural and holistic options to support my daughter. (What's funny is growing up my mom was all about natural remedies, but as a rebellious child, I was not a fan and thought it was cooky. Haha! I guess mom is always right.)

After discovering natural things that were finally helping my daughter, I was HOOKED!! I wanted to learn all I could to help everyone in my family. My husband needed immune support, my son needed help focusing and staying on task, and so we started learning all we could about essential oils and natural health.


Over the next few years, we started changing our lifestyle and gradually changing out products in our home to more natural products and I began sharing and teaching others about what I was learning and experiencing.

In 2014, I was teaching elementary school, but was really wanting a change. My kids were growing up and I felt like I missing out on so much. I wanted the flexibility and time freedom to be able to be there for my family. I decided I was going to take my love of natural health and create a business out of it.

As a Wellness Advocate, I was able to replace my teacher salary and have the time freedom I was looking for, all while doing something I'm passionate about!

I've also discovered another passion - Empowering & Mentoring other moms like me to do the same. To create a lifestyle that helps their family physically, emotionally AND financially.
If that's you, I'd love to help you too! Learn how you can work with me HERE.

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